The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad seems like a very fabulous privilege for anyone. Parents, especially those who can afford, send their children to study abroad for several reasons. Parents think that studying abroad is better because teachers have far more advanced teaching techniques and materials than in their own country. More opportunities may open for their children should they study abroad. Some people also get to study abroad because of scholarship programs and grants are given to them.



Anyway, below is the list of the pros and cons of studying abroad, which can probably help you decide if you should go or not:

The Pros

It is an Adventure!

It can be another life adventure. You get to travel and see other parts of the world. It will be something new to experience from the people you meet, culture to explore, food to eat, and places to visit. You will also have a broader perspective in life.

Experience Culture

Studying abroad can open your eyes to a whole new set of culture which may be far from what you are used to. You may even learn to speak a different language. The country that you will study at may speak a local language which you can learn and apply while you are staying in that area.

Become Independent

Students who usually study abroad have to live on their own. They learn to be independent and do things on their own, by their own.



Gain New Friends

Students who usually study in international schools abroad meet new people and gain friends. These schools are commonly accepting varied nationalities which are a good network to build once you are working. It can play a role to your future career advantage or it can be an advantage for your future vacations.

Better Opportunities

International schools abroad offer unique courses which you may have dreamt of pursuing, something that is not possible in your home country. Future employers can also see you as someone who is independent and resilient because you studied and lived abroad on your own. These may be the qualities that they are looking for in a potential employee. Studying can open more career opportunities for you in the future be it in your own or other countries.



The Cons

While we have talked about the good side of studying abroad, you also need to brace yourself for the possible downside of it.

 It can be Expensive

The cost of living and studying in another country may be expensive, so be prepared and plan it well.

Culture Shock

Sometimes, no matter how much you extensively research, you will still find yourself shocked with their culture, the people, the food, the places, the traditions and the language. These can be all different from the way you are accustomed to. You will have to give yourself time to adjust and adapt. The language barrier can also make your studying and living abroad difficult. So, you need to be equipped with their local language in case it’s not universal English.

You are Alone

Living independently in a new country, you may sometimes feel alone. You only have yourself to count and lean on for your struggles.

In conclusion, living and studying abroad has its own pros and cons that you need to weigh first before deciding to go all the way.