Helpful Thoughts While Quarantined Abroad


Whenever I log into my Facebook or Twitter account these days, I see people post things about boredom during the quarantine. Mind you; these individuals are staying in their houses with their loved ones. And they cannot seem to stand the idea of staying in a comfortable space (that they own) for many weeks.

This mentality cannot be a product of white privilege or first-world problems. Many folks in third-world countries complain about the lockdown, to the extent that they get caught while disobeying the rules. The typical reasons that every complainant voices out are:

  • We want to work again.
  • The pandemic is nothing but a scam.
  • We know the people in our neighborhood, so we are safe.

Without sounding like I am devaluing such feelings, I believe complaining about the at-home quarantine is too much. If there is anyone who should be doing that, it’s the individuals who cannot leave the countries on lockdown as we speak. Now, they are all alone abroad, and it may take a while before they can see their families again.

Still, in case you indeed find yourself in the latter situation, please avoid posting depressive messages on social media. It will neither end the pandemic nor speed up your return to your motherland. All it can do is fill your mind with negativity and make you more miserable than you should be.

These are some helpful ideas that you need to toy with instead:

It Is Safer To Stay Put Than To Try Leaving The Country

Have you been contacting every airline that can take you back to your country? Well, that is not a smart move. Plenty of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic, which means that the airline cannot prevent them from riding the plane and infecting the other passengers. You may also come in close contact with them on the way to the airport. Even if you manage to go home, you may end up spreading the virus that you are running away from.


To keep everyone safe, it is best to stay put and wait for the lockdown to ease or get lifted. Doing so reduces your probability of catching the coronavirus.

The Lockdown Will Not Be There For Eternity

Because of the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases, it seems challenging to think that the prevailing lockdown will be gone shortly. The fact that more and more people are coming out of their houses to protest may increase the virus transmissions, too.

Despite that, you should believe that this lockdown cannot go on for eternity. It will bring a lot of nations down since it paralyzes the economy. The leaders are doing everything they can to end the pandemic sooner than later, so don’t lose hope.


Money Is Not A Real Problem At This Point

Are you frustrated about getting quarantined abroad because you are already running out of money? You can ask your family and friends to wire transfer some cash to you. In case your credit or debit card does not work in the country where you are staying, look for a Western Union branch or any other remittance center.

When the lockdown is over, you can return home and pay back your loved ones. You need to stop worrying about money for a while, especially when your health should be your top priority.

Final Thoughts

You want to be with your family right now—I get that. You wish that you are at work—I understand that, too. However, it will not do you any good if you keep on complaining about not being able to do either of them. Not only will your loved ones worry about you, but you will also be restless. Just stay where you are, listen to the latest news updates, and pray that this pandemic will soon be history.