Reasons To Start Dating Only After College




Have your parents set any rule of when you should start dating?

You can consider yourself lucky in case your folks are quite open-minded and have always been cool with letting you go out on dates ever since hitting your teens. They allow you to experience falling in and out of love, which can toughen you up in time. Their action also shows that they have complete trust in your decision-making skills.

Regardless of that, many millennials enter the dating scene only after getting their college degree. Why, pray-tell?


  1. You Know Yourself Well By Then

On your first year in the university, there’s a high chance that you are just as lost as your peers. You probably still do not have any perspective on what you want to do in the future. The courses you are taking may also be the outcome of asking your friends for suggestions. Hence, you cannot honestly trust your guts to point you to the one¸ can you?

As you grow older and wiser in college, however, you get to develop parts of yourself that make you unique. By the time you can say, “Yes, this is me,” you may have already finished your thesis and are looking for a job.




  1. It is Effortless To Meet Real Men And Women

Social media trained most of us to think that college is equivalent to gaining freedom to drink and party until you drop and have sex with whomever you please. Some TV shows also highlight those activities and give little attention to studying. For that reason, it is rare to come across someone in the institution these days who is mature enough to want more than a one-night stand with you.

Outside of the school premises, fortunately, you have a better shot at meeting the opposite of frat boys and sorority girls. Though they may have acted like that once upon a time, the real world has ideally positively changed their views. What’s more is that young professionals come by the dozen, so you are free to choose from a wide selection of people.




  1. You Get To Enjoy College Life To The Max

Being admitted toa prestigious academe is a privilege that plenty of individuals wish to have. The fact that you can do that to achieve your goals in the future should help you see that there’s more to college than dating.

For instance, you may join an educational club where your colleagues in the same department are also its members. Enter a sorority or fraternity too, why not, as long as you are confident that their goals there don’t merely involve the nasties. Besides, you surely have access to a library full of books that are just waiting for students like you to open them.


Dating while you are in college, of course, is not the worst decision in life. Many married couples started going out when they were still students too, and their relationship could not get any better. Despite that, you have to weigh in your options before saying that dating after college is for you or not.

Good luck!