The Top 5 Countries To Study

Have you ever thought about studying in a new country? For many students, it’s a possibility and something they absolutely love! Choosing a country to study in can be hard, as there are many amazing countries to consider. You have the North Americas, the South Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Austral-Asia. It’s hard to narrow the choices down. However, the following are five top countries to study today and you might want to look closely at them.



Studying in Canada is truly one of the most wonderful experiences for any student. Canada does hold a special place in the world—it’s gorgeous and so diverse. There are many students who choose Canada to study in and they do not regret it. Studying in Canada can offer so much potential and it can fast become your second home. Choosing the Canadian schools can be amazing and you will fall in love with the country too.


Ireland is truly one of the most beautiful and iconic locations within the world. It has become a wonderful country where you can study and it’s great for those who want to learn. You have lots of schools to choose from and many learning options too. While you are in Ireland, you can explore the countryside and all the cities. Most probably, you’ll find it’s beautiful! Ireland does hold a special place in many hearts and it’s not hard to see why.



The USA is home to many Ivy-League schools and that does ensure there are lots of studying options to consider. Even if you are not able to attend an Ivy-League school, there are many amazing colleges and universities throughout the country to attend. Each offers something very unique to students and there is the opportunity to learn a new culture and see all the States have to offer.

The UK

For the last few years, the UK has been an incredibly popular option for students looking to study abroad and it really offers so much. There are many top quality universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, not to forget St. Andrews. Those are only a handful of options. Studying in the UK does open the door to potentially study in London, Newcastle, Edinburgh or Cardiff. You have lots of amazing schools and universities to look into and they really offer so much to pupils from around the country and indeed the world.



To be honest, Switzerland might not be the most obvious choice but when it comes to studying, there are lots of potentials there. Swiss schools are amazing. You have such an amazing choice of universities and colleges to choose from. Furthermore, they speak several languages such as French, German, Italian, and English. If you’re worried about not knowing the language, you don’t really have to panic. That is one of the biggest reasons as to why more and more people are choosing Switzerland. It truly is a beautiful country wherein you can study and live.

Study Hard

When you are young, or even a mature student, you want to find the best places to study. Sometimes, you even want to be a little more adventurous! There are many amazing countries to study in today including the five above. You are truly going to love traveling and studying as it offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy your studies!