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Out on the trial and the ease of use of the camera was excellent, it’s always nice to use a camera that works and enables you to make settings changes without fuss easily. The V50 Elite is the flagship model in the Akaso lineup. They all comes with 2 batteries, a wireless remote, plus a host of accessories. Note: If you want to select Slow Motion Movie, please turn off Image Stabilization first, then choose 720P 120fps under Video Resolution. It also shoots 1080P at 120 frames per second, making the V50 the ideal choice for super slow motion video recordings. Those who are looking for a camera with external mic support will appreciate that the V50X has this as part of its feature set. The accessories include a handle bar clip to attach to a mountain bike. Capture Stunning View Underwater With durable waterproof case you can dive up to 130ft in depth with this rugged waterproof camera. The camera guarantees ultimate image/video quality with upgraded features like Hypersmooth 2.0 which captures smooth and shake-free videos while in movement. Fine if your just recording for fun. The size of the chipsets are just not up to the job of producing high quality results. Brave 6. The AKASO certainly looks the business, and when you check out the spec’s sheet; high-end resolutions with decent framerates, touch screen and a design that instantly sets it apart from other cheap action cameras, everything about this camera re… 8x zoom and slow motion video Shorter battery life on 4K The Asako V50 Elite may be the closest you'll get to some of the more high-level GoPro features and quality at this price point. The cameral also takes beautiful 20MP images. It’s an odd thing; it looks like an effect has been applied. It’s still not Gopro smooth but it’s more than acceptable. All settings and options can be quickly accessed by tapping the touch screen or using the app. So it looks like 720P is the highest video resolution if you want to record super slow motion. Akaso V50 Pro Best all around camera. Page 5 VIDEO MODE SLOW MOTION MODE Video Mode is the default mode when you turn on the camera. Brave 4. It’s hard to stand out in a crowded market, but AKASO has managed it with a slick and robust design for the AKASO V50 Pro. Click here for more. Akaso V50 Pro Features. Slow-motion fans will appreciate its 2.7K at 120 and 100fps capability. EK7000. Direct use of the camera is as easy as it gets, and the simple design makes it easy to use out on the trail. It is a WiFi action camera with EIS Touch Screen adjustable view angle, 30 meter waterproof, and lot more. It’s a shame that the AKASO V50 Pro can’t quite live up to the quality of the hardware and specifications. Overall, the V50 Pro has the best video quality both at 4K and 1080P video resolutions. With ultra high frame rates, you can record slow motion videos to capture interesting and epic moments. Fast Motion Movie: Off/2x/4x/6x/10x/15x Default setting is off. The 3 cameras here are from Akaso’s V range of action cameras which are regarded as the best in the range. The camera has a good range of options with resolutions including being able to shoot 720p at 120fps, ideal for shooting impressive slow motion footage. AKASO V50 Pro is an action camera which is capable of recording videos in 4K/30fps 20MP camera sensor. Overall, the Pro wins on both day and night pictures. Sometimes it looks OK, but generally, it takes on a painter like look with a lack of definition and tonal range. The V50 Pro is a well-built solid mid-range action camera. At the end of the day they do an OK job in low light conditions. Like the Elite, the V50X has 10 video resolutions and frame rates to choose from. Also the most popular. Akaso V50 Elite Premium settings with upgraded features. Page 4 TURNING ON / OFF Wi-Fi To turn on Wi-Fi Welcome to your AKASO V50 Elite. It also has built-in electronic image stabilisation, an adjustable field of view, large 2-inch touch screen and can shoot stills at up to 20mp. The footage reduces dramatically in quality, and much of the quality tone and detail is lost. Campark 4k Action Camera Reviews (Buying Guide Roundup), Last update on 2020-12-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The Akaso V50 Pro app is a nice way to use this action camera. This is the only action camera available from Akaso to do so. Editor & Article Writer for Outdoor Wilds. To adujst camera specifics for video, photo, exposure, language and more, go to Settings to set it up. Also, it has dead simple timelapse and slow-motion modes. It supports Video Recording in Resolutions 4K/30fps, 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps, 720p/120fps, 720p/60fps, 720p/30fps. Akaso V50 Pro is $100 more expensive than an average underwater camera ($54.99). There may not be as many options as premium cameras but what there is, is not bad at all. This has a compact and solid design that makes this action camera durable over a long time. It is however more than acceptable for holiday videos and such. Switching to 30fps or 60fps and the visual impact of the video is much the same with no real improvement between the two framerates at 1080p. The footage is still usable but doesn’t have the depth of quality that the 4K video has. The camera itself is one of the best looking on the market with its rubberised grey exterior and waterproof housing that’s all fantastically designed. 4K video is only available at 30 frames per second. It does feel like a quality piece of kit. It looks the part and feels the part with a better design than anything else at this price. The AKASO certainly looks the business, and when you check out the spec’s sheet; high-end resolutions with decent framerates, touch screen and a design that instantly sets it apart from other cheap action cameras, everything about this camera reads and looks ideal. Brave 6 Plus. This action sports camera has a unique design that comes in handy, the size is a lot tinier than you would imagine but the performance is unmatchable. The software is stable; shot quality is definitely better than average; accessories provided are plentiful and complete. However, the specifications are slightly better on paper for the Elite version, and thus, it costs $20 more.Both cameras work with the same chipset and lens. How to Reduce GoPro Wind Noise (Record Wind Free Audio), How to Format an Action Camera SD Card (GoPro Cameras). Both brands are definitely worth considering as options to choose from. A quick wipe and all was clear of crud, then I was ready to set off and record some more. The solid body made built with high-quality material that helps the camera to take hard vibrat… The visual part, recognized as an interface, narrows the idea of how the relationship between photographer-device will be from then on.For this Akaso V50 Revision, the first thing you notice about the interface is its input and output ports. The 6 axis gyroscope image stabilisation does a decent job at the lower frame rates it has to be said. For all the quality of the hardware, the area where quality matters is in the footage and here it is let down. Decent for the average user. The connection was quick, and the app seemed solid in use. The V50 Pro action camera features 4K/30fps video, 12MP photo with image stabilization and 131FT waterproof. It's in the top 3 bestselling underwater cameras and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Akaso V50 Elite or Thieye T5e. Action Camera. The only thing that would have made the user experience better would have been access to the touch screen through the housing. Having said that. Akaso V50 Pro is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. The FPS is the number of Frames recorded per second. The advanced EIS is exceptional on this particular model and provides very … From the outset, the AKASO V50 Pro was a camera that I instantly liked. This is the only action camera available from Akaso to do so. It’s almost on par with a Gopro Hero 7 for example. I bought the Akaso V50 Pro to start a YouTube Channel about our travels, I received it quickly just 2 days before leaving for a two month trip to Portugal. The AKASO V50 Pro is a decent enough camera when used to film at 4K. Akaso V50X The entry level V50 camera. To capture videos and photos, you need a micro SD Turn on camera, in Video or Photo Mode press and hold Wi-Fi button for three seconds to card (sold separately). Here in this video we have unboxed the device and come up with the first impression of the product. Next up is the V50 Pro, being slightly less expensive than the Elite version. Releasing the housing it’s possible to see that the camera itself is held securely inside with no room for wobble or rattle within. Remember, at the highest frame rates on the Elite there is no EIS available. Compared to regular V50 Pro, the SE features 4K60 videos,3 Batteries provided. It’s all seemingly straight forward. 1080P records at 90 fps, so there’s the opportunity to record some decent slow motion in the 1080P resolution. Turn on the Diving Mode, it can filter the red light under water so you can get high quality views. Slow Motion Slow Motion is one of the 9 modes available on the Akaso V50X and can be selected in the modes menu using the touchscreen. Lets take a quick dive into all the Pros of this device. our bi-weekly newsletter for tips & tricks. The AKASO V50 Pro has superb image quality with 20MP and 4K/30fps that will enable users to capture every detail of their adventures, memories and the great outdoors. The video, build quality and usability are excellent. While good the stabilisation does have a slight warping effect around the edges, it’s nothing too bad and although noticeable doesn’t detract from the footage itself. Specs are impressive and shooting at the maximum 4K 30fps the footage is pretty good, but drop the resolution to 1080p, and things start to get a little wobbly. Learning the camera was easy, again there are lots of how to's on YouTube. How To Activate SLOW MOTION on AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera 720p 120fps! Akaso V50 Pro SE The flagship camera in this series, get the best set of features in the V50 Pro SE. If you’re just interested in shooting 4K video, then this isn’t a bad camera, well thought out and easy to use. AKASO V50 Pro For reasons I can\'t quite determine, the powers that be at eTeknix always think it would be a good idea if I was to test and review the action cameras we get sent. An Akaso action camera makes great sense for people just getting started with filming action sequences when they partake in outdoor activities. It’s a shame you can’t use the touch screen with the waterproof housing in place, but this is a common issue with this level of camera. Once options and settings have been made and the camera popped back inside the housing, it’s time to put the camera through its paces. For more fast paced action I’d suggest an additional gimbal mount. If you want an action camera, then there’s plenty to choose from, and if you go by the spec’s alone you’d think that there was little point in spending a fortune on some of the premium brands. Out of the 3 cameras it’s the lowest price, however it does pack a punch when it comes to raw performance in terms of picture quality. The waterproof housing is one of the best in this price bracket, and the design and quality of the camera, with that grey rubberised exterior, looks and feels great. A nice feature to have on a budget action camera is a digital zoom. AKASO V50 Action Camera. There’s nothing that feels cheap or budget about it. 4K video is good, 1080p video is acceptable, 720p video is unusable. The V50X offers a 4 times digital zoom in this department alongside the 170 degrees wide angle lens, which is standard on all the cameras here. Jabber Digital Media Ltd. - 4 Beau Street, Bath, BA1 1QY. 60 fps for example, can slow down the video 2 times, and 90 fps 3 times. At 4K 30fps the footage is decent enough, proper levels of detail and although only 30fps the smoothness of motion in the frame was excellent. Brave 7. If you want to use Slow Motion Movie, Please turn off Image Stabilization first, Sounds: Shutter: ON / OFF then choose 720P / 120fps under Video Resolution. The 6 axis stabilization is reasonably good on all the cameras. The waterproof housing is well designed and functional everything just seems right. It looks as though an effect has been applied and it’s all gone a bit wrong. Purchase AKASO V50 Pro The Endless Summer Edition from AKASO official store. V50 Elite. In this article I take a look at the popular GoPro alternative action cameras from Akaso to see which Akaso action camera is best. The grey rubberised finish of the camera body is one of the nicest that I’ve seen and gave me confidence about the overall quality of the camera. And despite a major downside being the lack of user-friendly UI, the shot quality and many other factors surpass most cameras at this calliper. I say to people all the time when they me about how a budget action camera compares to a GoPro. Several flat mounts to attach to a cycle helmet, ski or motorbike crash helmet and a few other nice additions included in the package. Drop the resolution to 1080p, and the story is very different. If you want an action camera, then there’s plenty to choose from, and if you go by the spec’s alone you’d think that there was little point in spending a fortune on some of the premium brands. I’ll explain why when we take a closer comparison test between the 3 cameras. The footage becomes painter like, lacking the detail that you’d expect, and in low light conditions that lack of tonal definition becomes overly apparent. A GoPro  costs 3 times sometimes 4 times more. If photos and … Built-in Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers steady and smooth videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, AKASO V50 Pro sports camera ensures excellent experience in … Checking through the 4K footage and sure enough, it all looked good, and I was especially impressed with the stabilisation. 8. All rights reserved. EK7000 Series. Akaso’s V50 Pro Special Edition action camera is a wallet-friendly little action shooter that punches well above its weight class. If you’re not familiar with these cameras, they make a great budget action camera when compared to some of the premium action cameras from GoPro and Osmo Action. The last of the Akaso action cameras in this comparison is the V50X. 33-40 41-48 01-08 09-16 17-24 25-32 日本語. AKASO V50 could be your great alternative for go pro which is pricey and known for professional usage. V50 Pro. There’s plenty to like about the design, and real care has been taken over many of the design aspects and choices of materials. Expect a full review down the road. The V50 Pro has the same image stabilisation as its bigger brother, which works just as well when comparing footage shot during the day. As you might already know, in order to record videos in slow motion, the frame rates must be at least 60 or 90 fps. It is, nothing more and nothing less, the first meeting between the client and his camera. If you intend on filming mostly at night then I’d suggest looking at a GoPro or an Osmo Action. With the waterproof housing attached, none of the cameras have great sound. This page may have Commerce Content. V50 Pro (The Endless Summer) V50X Best Pick. None of these cameras are great for recording video at night. It’s by no means equal to GoPro’s HyperSmooth but makes enough of a difference to be useful and left on all the time. Switching on the image stabilisation has a decent effect, and while there is a little warping at the edges, the stabilising impact is worth it. outdoorwilds.com are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Power is supplied through a 1100mAh battery, and as ever there’s built-in Wi-Fi so you can connect to the partner app for iOS or Android. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’ll cover the basic specification for each camera first, then take a look at how each perform in 5 key areas. Out of the 3 cameras here the overall winner is the Akaso V50 Pro. Exposure and dynamic range were all good as well with the footage having a pleasing overall colour and saturation. At 1080P video resolution the pictures remain smooth unless you are running with the camera. V50 Series. Using the touch screen and everything makes sense, it’s not the most ergonomic of designs but does the job and doesn’t take too long to work out and familiarise yourself with the location of the settings you want. Every action camera needs to have 4K at 30fps, and here the AKASO V50 Pro certainly provides with 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and 30fps and 720p at 120fps and 60fps. The Akaso V50 Pro 4K action camera has many features and settings that you can easily change and customize as you need by 2″ touch screen (big plus!). Action Camera / www.akaso.org / £119 / $119 at time of review. It has the best still picture image quality, daytime video recording quality and the best sound recording. Pushing the red button powers on the camera and the blue one starts and stops recording. So not to expect results that are on par with a GoPro. If you’re looking for a budget action camera Akaso [1] are one of the leaders along with Campark. There is external mic support on both the Pro and the V50 X. English What's in The Box There are 6 modes: Video, Photo, Burst Photo, Time Lapse, Playback, Settings. In practice, under good lighting conditions the still images are pretty good. This is where these cameras start to shine and that is recordings taken during the day, especially at 1080P in bright sunlight. As a package the AKASO V50 Pro is the business but how will it perform out in the field? Further enhancing the quality of the output is an external microphone, which reduces muffling of sounds. Sure enough, the footage shot at 4K looked good, slightly over-sharpened but decent enough for this level of camera. Two rubber/foam strips on the backdoor apply pressure to keep things inside nice and tight. This post focuses on the four models of V5o series by Akaso: V50 Pro, V50 Elite, V50X, and V50 Pro SE. If you’re shooting anything other than 4K you’ll be disappointed with the quality of the video. The AKASO V50 Pro has all the above features, and more. The AKASO V50 Pro SE also comes with some video features to get better footage, for example, single shooting, to photo burst, to time-lapse, to self-timer, to slow motion, to aqua mode, to long exposure, to distortion correction. Switching between resolutions and framerates and using the app was all simple enough, so there was no need to get the camera out of the housing. The V50 Pro uses Panasonic 34112 sensor while the V50 Elite uses Sony IMX 078 sensor. Starting the camera up and connecting to the app was all smooth and well throughout, easy to understand and responsive. Overall testing out on the trail and the performance of the camera was as good as they get for this style of in housing design. Then you review the footage, and it’s a tale of two. More on that later in this article. Join fellow photographers and receive Akaso V50 Pro and Elite were released in quick succession, and not surprisingly, both the cameras share mostly identical features. The design of the housing once again shined through with the flat lens being easy to clean. Still images are recorded at 16 MP, but don’t think that the V50 Pro is of lesser quality when it comes to still pictures. Slow motion is an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. On the base of the housing is the familiar GoPro style mount meaning that you can use the AKASO V50 Pro with almost any GoPro accessory. Thank you for helping to support the site. So it’s another action camera to consider for vloggers and would be video presenters. The Akaso V50 Elite comes with a waterproof case for underwater video and in foul weather situations. Photo resolution is advertised at 20 megapixels, which is the highest out of the 3 cameras here. But, I feel given the much lower price, features, and accessories it comes with, not a bad bang for the buck. From the outset the V50 Pro is a camera you want to like, the slight rubberised design is tactile and looks amazing. The housing is slightly misted, giving it a quality look and feel. The camera itself is very simplistic, on the side are the micro HDMI, Mini USB and MicroSD card slot, on top are two buttons, power/mode and shutter and on the base the access flap to the battery. On first removing the camera from the box the design of the waterproof housing shows great thought in the aesthetics and usability of this camera. If you buy something from our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Outside the housing the V50 Pro wins the sound test. The video resolutions of the AKASO V50 Pro SE are the following: 4K a 60fps 2.7K a 60fps This stage corresponds to one of the most important after unpacking. With the camera removed the quality of the hardware shines. At 1080p the footage is usable but at the lower end of what I’d expect from a camera at this or for that matter any price. The AKASO V50 Pro Endless summer edition has a few design tweaks over previous versions of the V50 Pro, but still features 4K at 30fps, 20MP photo’s, EIS and a huge touch screen on the rear. You have the option to record at 2.7K at 30 fps, plus 720P at a whopping 120 fps. In the box alongside the camera are a selection of mounts to get you started, it’s a good comprehensive spec’s list and package. Comparing the video resolutions and frame rates to the Elite you’ll notice that the Pro has a lot less to choose from. EK7000 Pro. The 4K is good, but the 1080p footage lets it down. Brave Series. Instructions Overview of Basic Functions Welcome to use your AKASO Action Camera. Special Edition of AKASO V50 Pro: AKASO partnership with the Leave No Trace and launch a special edition of V50 Pro 4K action camera. 4K video being the highest at 30 fps. Page 8: Camera Maintenance English CAMERA MAINTENANCE 3, Camera Sensor May Be Faulty. Brave 7 LE. No external mic support on the Elite. The touch screen is good but not quite as responsive as those recently seen on the SJCAM cameras but not too far behind. On the front, the lens is perfectly flat so easy to clean when needed. Still pictures taken during the day on all the cameras is pretty good. It’s not as high end as a GoPro. 1080P does record at 60 frames per second which is what most people still use at present. All of the cameras perform well at 4k, but don’t expect GoPro quality at 4K. The V50 has a six-axis gyroscope detecting position and motion changes, smoothing the effects of everything from cycling on cobbled stones to jogging down hillsides (although it is fair to say that we didn’t test the hill-jogging scenario). For those looking to vlog or record pieces to camera, you do have the option of plugging an external mic into the micro USB port. The case is also held closed by a single lever release which locks tight yet is still easy enough to open without too much faff. If you’re thinking of using the V50 for vlogging then I’d suggest looking at one of the other action camera models here instead. If you take a look at the video resolutions you’ll see that it boasts 4K video at 60 frames per second. Don’t expect the pictures to be as good as some of the latest smartphone such as an iPhone 11 Pro. Other Music Mixed by DJ MACDADDYPIMPPING Intro ... action cameras, action cameras compared, action cameras 4k, action camera apps, action camera harness, action camera companies, action camera comparison, action camera dog harness, action camera video editor, action camera waterproof case, action camera … It also shoots 1080P at 120 frames per second, making the V50 the ideal choice for super slow motion video recordings. The image sensor is advertised at 20MP, I expect the chipset inside uses some interpolation to increase the size of the still images, as with all budget action cameras on the market. … Once that’s done you’ll have to find the wi-fi called “AKASO_V50Pro_XXXXX” (that’ll be a bunch of numbers); connect with the password 1234567890 and away you go. The V50 Pro captures quality video in 4K at 30FPS, which is the default, but also at 2.7K, 1080P at 60FPS, and 720P at 120FPS. V50 Pro SE. You can … To protect the camera underwater, there’s an external 98ft waterproof housing. The only downside is at the highest frame rates there is no electronic image stabilization. The V50 Elite is the flagship model in the Akaso lineup. Best Mini Gopro Tripods for Stable Shots (Buying Guide 2020). If you take a look at the video resolutions you’ll see that it boasts 4K video at 60 frames per second. There is no external microphone support on this action camera. The touch screen of the camera reacts differently, sometimes you cannot click on the selected function or you will be moved to another function (this is clearly seen on unboxing video). After the ride and back home, it was time to review the footage, and this is where I’ve have found recently, things start to fall apart with other cameras. At 120fps you do get the great slow-motion footage, but the quality at this setting lacks any detail. There are 3 action cameras in this comparison test. The reason these cameras cost  a lot less is they have smaller chipsets and less expensive image sensors. In truth, you’d be better off filming everything at 4K and downsampling the 30fps footage to 1080p if you want the lower resolution. For those looking for a B roll camera to compliment their main camera, these cameras offer a lot of value. Downgrade the resolution to 720p at 120fps, and the footage becomes unusable. Drop the resolution to 1080p, and like I’ve seen with other cameras recently the footage starts to fall apart. It involves downloading the iSmart Pro+ app onto your phone either from the Apple Store or via Google Play, then you’ll need to turn the wi-fi on the camera. They show a lot of noise and blown highlights such as street lighting and so on. Night time still pictures are not great.

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