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I wonder if every random deck should just be playing cycling 1 cards. Zenith Flare Expansion: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. And cycling is/was a cool mechanic. It's definitely a deck, just needs the right concentration and during draft a fair number of people will take the good cycling cards because they go in any deck. I don’t ever shave this card while sideboarding, and it’s usually what I build my gameplan around. . 5 months ago. Press J to jump to the feed. winota is absurd… how can a soldier token is not human, even the drawing is clearly a human! Today we cycle! Send Vadrok!" just cycle all the shit you can and then burn. It's even an instant too, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Flourishing Fox. Winota is not the problem. Good idea. Do you think Standard and Historic needs any cards banned? Is your Zenith Flare BIG enough?.. If players have a rank on multiple planets, they can look forward to receiving a rank note on the winning planet for the lesser of the two ranks (their highest rank will be carried to the winning planet). Fires and teferi and most likely yorion but first fires and teferi for now. Being Gold is definitely a factor, as you are being ranked against similarly-ranked opponents when possible and that's only gonna raise the level of competition as you move up. I've known a lot of skilled limited pilots to do this. Solar Flare. calm down on all those stupid cards… you are breaking the game! Ban the most powerful cards! Ban the cycling deck. Even if X is 5, you’re not coming out that far ahead compared to what you should get for 4 and you’ve had to devote a lot of your deck and early turns to it. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Lol but right now yorion fires with no creature’s except agent is the best deck on MTG arena I am almost 100 that fires and teferi need a ban yorion is to new to say who’s it needs a ban, Oko is banned in every format for a reason lol. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Search all the best brands and stores in one place. The Jeskai Cycling deck has further versatility with a few other win conditions in Irencrag Pyromancer, Improbable Alliance, and Drannith Stinger. …Till’ we have nothing but 2/2 bears… THEN BAN THEM! works well with [[Heartwarming Redemption]] to quickly dump cycling cards in the graveyard and look for Yidaro and Flares at the same time. It's a wincondition in the style of Expansion//Explosion, which can hit for upwards of 10 damage to the face if you build your deck around it. Nordstrom Rack is having Love...Ady Short Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress on sale for $27.98 was $128, 79% off I’ve seen turn 5 land-ramp into clone-agent in Arena as well as irl, thanks to Fires of Invention and March of Mirrors. The point isn't to have a janky removal spell, but a wincon for the cycling deck. Where can I find the recent tourney results that MTGMalee posted? there’s no strategy in it. A single cost (uncommon) creature with the ability to pump to a 6/6 on turn 3 along with Zenith Flare looming, what happened to having to work for victory, it’s getting to easy, you hardly have to think nowadays to tier up. Ban Flourishing Fox or Zenith Flare ! Send pterons and skycats. © 2020 InfoSpace Holdings LLC. Zenith Flare deals X damage to any target and you gain X life, where X is the number of cards with a cycling ability in your graveyard. A great way to add firepower to your board which avoids board wipes unless cast on your turn. This message is for any Mtg fan and MTG officials. it is boring having your lands stoled turn 4/5 without being able to interact against it well cause it’s way too soon to set up defenses against it, but it is also boring to simply win because you did nothing but just play a card. Or Just straight boros tbh. Agent of Treachery is the enabler card for that deck, and banning it makes the least impact on deck building. Now, many other things should be banned too of course: Fires, Rec, Yorion, Lukka (it’s a misprint isn’t it? MTG Arena Zone © 2020. If you’re dying to zenith flare your deck is either too slow or just not good enough for the format. It’s going to take easily 7-10 turns before this is reasonably large even in a deck that’s loaded with cycling cards. Ranks Those with ranks on either Sahara or Xeon will keep their rank on the winning planet. Agent would be fair if their weren’t so many ways to cheat it out (Winota, Fires, Lukka, etc) and ways to abuse it (Thassa, Yorion, both of those together), I totally agree with you, if the only way to use it was to pay 7 mana it would be a fair card. Unban Oko and give them a better way to make creatures. Pick "The dawn has arrived." Boris Johnson’s unpleasant similarities with Trump are chilling. I guess we need to see some event results. If anything gets banned from that deck it should be teferi, yorion, or fires. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m so annoyed with this game because of this mechanic and the ability to retrigger it multiple times per turn. MtGMelee posted some tournament results recently. Also companions are fine yorion is the only one that’s somewhat oppressive fores and teferi that’s it for now then play it by ear. When that happens on turn 4 it’s pretty much curtains for every deck that I’ve tried. I think they ban yorion if anything. . $50 OFF every $200 you spend (up to $500 in savings) Use Code CYBER20SF . "Pen or sword - the shield is mightiest." Jeskai cycling looking good. Not because it’s that good, but because it makes cycling a dumb mechanic. "Ever vigilant." the card per se isn’t unfair but nowadays there’s way too many ways to cheat it into play and abuse it waaay too soon. 5 Cards That Might Need a Ban in Standard, Dimir Yorion Updated Standard Deck Guide – Welcome to Standard’s Newest Tier 1 Deck – December 2020. Magic is a game with high variance and even the best players in the world only have like a 65% win rate. Adventure awaits all you need to do is play this deck Banning any one of those cards would greatly weaken the deck. Oh and flare too of course! If your opponents are able to deal with Flourishing Fox and your other creatures, they will likely struggle to deal with a large Flare. Teferi, time raveler locks many deck ways. "The day is upon us." Zenith Flare is a cool new cycle card from Ikoria! Magic is broken now, the game is frustrating, I played this for 25 years now… and now I think I might stop playing seeing where this is going, and my friend too… Everytime I have a great idea, I create a deck I play a game, get beaten by always the same things because people have no imagination, then I close the game again, until the next burst of joy to create a deck that will fail again. Zenith Flare – An absolute hammer, this card represents much of the appeal of the deck.Many of the games come down to your opponent having stabilized, and you attempting to Zenith Flare them out of the game (sometimes even for twenty!). 1.Temur Adventures. TL;DR – Teferi , Time Raveler must go, Cauldron Familiar must go.. Yorion, Lukka, Winota can still cheat out Agent but now we had chances to interact in response.. Nordstrom Rack is having 1901 Print Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress on sale for $29.97 was $79, 63% off I would not want to play a strategy game. 2. Lands (18) 5 Mountain 9 Plains 4 Sacred Foundry. Export to: Creature (23) 2. Reptilian Reflection. If we ban Teferi, other un-interactive combo will regain back its title and it is Witch Oven – Cauldron Familiar combo.. irritating, unbearable and almost impossible to interact with (I wish I can put Grafdigger Cage as companion though). I’ve tried so many decks to deal with this and every time I end up getting smoked due to Agent. Here and there, spontaneous outbreaks of violence flare up between the leaders, hooligans and normal fans. nissa pushes too hard Ban "I must not fall." "I must not fall." A gruul deck ended up winning, though, through sheer fluke. Works great on curve and late game. ffs ban agent of treachery. It's definitely a deck, just needs the right concentration and during draft a fair number of people will take the good cycling cards because they go in any deck. "First light approaches." On your other point, just because there are 4-5 tier 1 decks doesn’t mean that there are no ban-worthy cards. and losing to zenith flare sucks! If you have cards that can take advantage of these resources, then it's worth it. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. For now, though, I’ll just continue to quit the match whenever Agent shows up. VALID ON PRE-ORDER. Assault weapon (there’s a ban list by name, which you can search here). lukka is absurd, you can do his -2 2 times.. come on! The heavy-hitters of the deck are Reptilian Reflection and Zenith Flare, but don’t be surprised if you can inch out eight or more damage from a turn 1 Flourishing Fox. yorion is too much, it should exile itself, or cost 6 They are effectively filling your yard, thinning your deck, and triggering "draw a card" for very little mana investment at {Cycling:1}. I mean.. I only thought veil was OP in conjunction with OUAT and Oko; but not on it’s own; plus against lurrus decks it won’t draw the card but only give hexproof. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. I cant wait until Agent of Treachery rotates and I never have to deal with it again. For this window, these were the formats we were considering. It’s the agent of treachery that always follows the Winota. "Next time, try to leave a dent." Warleader's Helix was plenty playable in Standard, so a 5 damage one would be excellent. Then ban the cards that are the most powerful cards after we ban the most powerful cards that became the most powerful cards after we ban the current most powerful cards! you just do the thing and that’s it. Some UB decks did it in AKH. Ever heard of Flame Sagittario and Air Knight K4? Sheila Wiegand is Vice President at Zenith Media Services, Inc. View Sheila Wiegand’s professional profile on Relationship Science, ... As U.S.-Iran Tensions Flare, Iraq Is Caught in the Middle - The New York Times. Fear not! It’s just too powerful and impossible to overcome. Ban Flourishing Fox or Zenith Flare ! Except the cycling decks have all cards that cost 1 to cycle, and they cycle their whole hand each turn. Note: I play cycling and yes, it’s almost un-interactive but you can easily wreck cycling with sideboard hate and we didnt hide behind Teferi or something like that, There are a lot of payable hate-cards for the familiar though. That I have, but those are questionable layers, or at least air knight. I’ve kinda just said to myself that I’ll continue to learn the game until Sept. comes and Agent/Tef are gone.. and then I can start trying decks that aren’t specifically built to deal with this broken combo. Then ban the cards that are the most powerful cards after we ban the current most powerful cards! The main MTG subreddit is reacting like this is a fairly powerful card for Standard, but I can’t see it either. 42:22. I think the problem with companions is the fact that is starting to become a mistake to not play them, Because when your opponent always have´s a power house in its hand is problematic, I really hope they don’t ban Lurrus though. It decreases interactions in play and, according to me, must be banned in T2. Todays deck guide and MTG Arena gameplay features a sweet brew called Zenith Flare Boros Cycle. Wizards of the Coast has just confirmed that the next Magic: The Gathering banned and restricted announcement will be made on May 18, and will be discussing changes to the Vintage, Legacy and Brawl formats. Ban Agent, not because agent is too strong, because every cheating cards are no brainers with him. Companions have impacted most Magic formats where they are legal, and it sounds like they are also considering some changes to other formats as well at a later time. fires is abusive Current plays that deemed un-interactive is TEFERI… Teferi protecting cavalier-fires is already very strong, now Teferi is protecting Yorion blink, Lukka’s summoning.. that is unbearable.. Drannith Stinger. And self-mill (if that’s somehow popular) still has much better payoffs than this card. Magic is a good game most significantly because you have the opportunity to cleverly interact with situations. Growth Spiral Any other formats will be considered at a later window. NOT VALID ON PRE-ORDER. Enter promotional code CYBER20SF at checkout for saks.com and catalog purchases. Nissa can be beat and is not seeing play right now yorion fires and yorion bant are the top 2 decks with burn and boros cycling as there weakness tier two is aristocrat and phoenix and everything else. Fires is worse than Yorion, imo, thanks to the fact it lets you choose things not in play, and thus, not subject to kill or removal. yeah, with the budget cycling deck that plays no rares and can put up a good fight with the top dogs with a good draw... what the hell? but you can win against them with some thought, and teferi has a place against flash (simic being way too OP without a card like teferi in the formats, etc).

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