Going For Counseling Near Me Or Going Home?

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All people go through a difficult situation in their lives, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am going through mine right now. I don’t get it! How do other people make it to the top of their game while I get stuck in the back watching how far they would go? Why can’t I seem to catch the perfect wave?


I am an artist. I write songs and make music. The people from back home know how good I am, and I know how good I am, but I couldn’t make it through anywhere. I am stuck here in my rented apartment that I haven’t paid for two months. It’s not that I don’t have the money to pay for it. It’s just that I’m saving money for a music recording, hoping it could be big.


Just a week ago, one of my oldest friends from back home came to visit me. He said he’d got a job nearby, so he came by to see how I’m doing. Being my friend who knows me probably more than I know myself, he knew I am struggling to chase my dreams. He invited me to get a job at his company, but I refused. I l know he thinks I’m failing, which I think is correct, but I can’t stop now. People become successful in what they do, and I envy them. However, I want to be successful in what I love, no matter how long it takes.

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My friend knew there was nothing he could do to change my mind, so he suggested I go to counseling. He assured me he had done it before, and it helped him tremendously. He had direction ever since, and now he’s got a job. I said I’d think about it as counseling has never entered my mind. I thought that counseling was for crazy people, but he strongly made it clear that it wasn’t. I believe him because he is one of the sanest people I know.


He then also suggested that I go home for a while. Take a walk down memory lane. Maybe it could help me figure out what I’m missing. He thinks it has to do with my identity. Quite frankly, I felt insulted with all his comments, but after he left, somehow I realized he was just looking out for me. Nobody has been ever honest to me ever since I set foot in this city. Everyone’s like, “You’re going to be big” and all that.


Now, I am torn between seeking counseling and going back to my hometown. I had to consider every detail of this decision as it could be a step to either making me as determined as ever or realizing that music isn’t really for me.


Going For Counseling Or Going Back Home:

Source: pexels.com


  1. If I go to counseling, I read that we’re going to be discussing my issues and try to recognize what’s hindering my success. I will have the opportunity to know myself more and somehow write better music. It is known that good music comes from brilliant minds of songwriters who have tranquillity. I could then go home and reflect on whatever we will talk about in counseling.


  1. The other option for me is to go home and do a self-assessment, maybe start where I initially dreamed of my dreams. This way, I could somehow start again, hoping I’d do better the second time. When I’m all decided and determined to try again, maybe I could then go to counseling and see how it will work for me since going home may open my mind and prepare me for something that I never knew before.


I am torn between the two choices, but either way, I know I am going in one direction, and that is the path towards what I always wanted – to become a renowned musician. No matter how long I have to wait patiently, I believe living for what you love is worth a few bumps in the road.