Millennials And Their Priorities

Ever since the new generation continues to evolve and people get preoccupied with a lot of things in their life, Millenials are always one step ahead of their priorities (or maybe not). They tend to be more active at school while still managed to live life the way they wanted. High school and college students are aggressively making sure that their unique experiences will create a different worldview that can they thought can contribute to the future.


The Perks Of Being Young

Our generation has a mixed perspective because we are full of ideas. However, problems arise when it comes to the actual execution. Millenials know what they want, but they somehow do not work on it. Though they have the desire to set their goals straight, they mostly end up ‘young, dumb, and broke,’ which is not at all good.

Studies show that our today’s age group is all about planning for the future. We are highly educated, experience-driven, and well motivated compared to the previous generations (no offense) thus, making it more advantageous if we tend to have advanced degrees. However, education is worth a dime and putting it as the top priority is a struggle. So four to five years, we might end up busy paying for our student loans.


Setting Aside the Desire And Try Experimenting

Young adults have tons of goals they wanted to achieve. However, our generation doesn’t care much about early commitments. Having children and getting married is still on the list but not as important as to get financially stable. We also like to take a risk and indulge in entrepreneurial ventures.

One way of redirecting our goal is by using our flexibility to come up with an executable idea made out from scratch. Starting out a freelancing career and business can create a significant change once we start thinking about the importance of financial matters. Instead of focusing only on what we want, we can try working on the things we practically need

It is much safe to say that our generation should start thinking about investments if we are going to talk about plans. It is more accurate to say that we enjoy the perks of sharing economy due to our understanding of a financial crisis and its burden. Our generation focused on convenience, so instead of buying things for the sake of ownership, we’d prefer to share sets of access and services that somehow cuts the expenses into the half.


Time Starts Now

Our generation has come a long way, and it is still trying to cope up with the development of future innovations. Thus, making us more aware of what the future might bring. Using the ideology that we have can perhaps make a difference if we’ll continue to learn and structure those ideas to make it more useful in the long run.

Setting our goal and priorities can be a tough challenge, but it is essential to understand that if we don’t take a step now, we will never probably achieve anything.