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You need two skeins of Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. Merinolux Aran and one skein of Berroco Suede, and US size 10 (6.0mm) knitting needles. So when I saw this skein of yarn at my favorite LYS, Colorful Yarns, I had to have it! Pretty cool, huh. Aren’t those colors great? If only half of the skein is used, it counts as only one half! This is another endless knitting project. Good days in a sad time. Strangely, the orchid that is blooming has the worst growth of the bunch; maybe all of its energy is going into the blooms? Chasing Rabbits TLE Yarn Shop Yarn Spun Right Round Classic Sock Chasing Rabbits » This speckled fingering weight yarn is a wonderful choice for socks specifically. on MacKenzie Speaks: Massive Slip and Panic Knitting, on Happy Thanksgiving: Arm Warmer Mitts Pattern, MacKenzie Speaks: Massive Slip and Panic Knitting, Happy Thanksgiving: Arm Warmer Mitts Pattern, purple yarn that I showed off in an earlier post, Ravelry project page for the arm warmers/mitts, Follow Yarn, Books & Roses on This is a lot of yarn, but I have to be honest here: four of the bins are filled with the leftovers of previous projects. May your day be a good one, and stay warm! MadelineTosh Twist Light Glazed Pecan. The Chasing Rabbits Cowl is the perfect way to add some color to your fall and winter wardrobe. The orchids, however, have just flourished under the new lights and my jade plants put out so much new growth that I took cuttings and started several new pots. I ran out of milk and bread last week. K rounds for another 1.5 inches. $ 29.00 Cascade - Ultra Pima Paints. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. is hand dyed in Amarillo, TX. I am drowning in yarn here, people! By Saturday night I had finished knitting the MacKenzie cat. Thursday I knitted faithfully on the sweater and got another couple of inches on to the body, but this morning I went hunting for another cute yarn for mitts. Which brings me to reflection and resolutions. Berroco Suede. I am enjoying my new Snowshoe socks so much that I cast on another pair early in the week. I love this series and can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment, but I know that it isn’t for everyone. PRODUCT. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. I am very sad to report that this Noro Kogarashi yarn is discontinued... because it was the true REASON for my diversion. Whatever could have set her off? I keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting… you get the idea. I just love the feel of the fabric and the pattern is one that I’ve done before so I know that I will love the finished product, but the simple, one-color stockinette demands that I take some breaks into some pattern or color excitement. 9-12. I knitted, read, rushed to appointments, and pretty much wore myself out. Counterpart is on Amazon Prime and I went right down that rabbit hole as soon as I started watching it. Huge difference in appearance as I came down the warmer towards the wrist. By the evening , after grocery shopping and shoveling MORE snow, I had pulled out some yarn, made some decisions, bought a new pattern, and slowly settled into a new audiobook. Berroco. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. Merinolux Aran. SUGGESTED NOTIONS I cranked up into overdrive and began on an. You know, pumpkin bread with a slice of white cheddar is a pretty tasty lunch, too! That is the sweater that I am working and working on. Yep. Perfect show to watch while knitting a simple stockinette tunic. 10. I have Raynaud’s syndrome; when I get cold I lose circulation to my hands, feet and even my face. Showing 1 - 30 of 180 results: ... Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co DK Merinolux. Today I wound yarn, kitted up my new projects, and began to cast on. Once I was below the increases and shaping for the upper part of the sweater it became “knit until you have the length you want” knitting. We have already passed the average snow totals for the month, my snow shovel is getting worn out and MacKenzie is downright disgusted. Right Hand: $27.00 USD. Solo is a single ply fingering weight 100% Superwash Merino base.Care: Although this base is machine washable, hand washing with wool wash or a gentle soap to preserve colors and durability is recommended. 461 views; 2 years ago; 6:03. Baah - Shasta ... Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. - Gossamer. Oh, yes. Browse by. How could she be so undisciplined and go shopping for yarn for herself? Quantity. Camellia Pepper Fingering. Stay tuned, it is sure to happen someday soon. Now we need to wait another day or two before we can take the picture of the finished sweater. This week mild weather with bright sunshine arrived in my town, and the people of my state (Colorado, USA) began to howl into the night every evening at 8pm in a show of support and unity. Right now it is an orchid mystery and I’m just enjoying the blooms. I need all of this yarn. I will just deduct the yarn removed from the stash, not the new yarn. Sort by ... Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. - Fern. All the cleaning is done except for the last minute vacuuming (hello… cats! $ 39.49. Then the temperatures went subzero and it snowed again. I debated on whether to go big (a shawl) or stay small (socks), and finally just cast on and started on some socks using my favorite vanilla sock pattern. Check It Out. I had already made a knitted stockinette swatch with the two yarns held together, so I pulled that out, measured the gauge, and then made another with a larger needle. Freia - Merino Fingering Ombre 100g Shawl Ball. Nature has a lot of stories to share if we take the time to listen. Faced with a life of constant struggle as I deal with my chronic illnesses, I am personally calling a moratorium on books like this for awhile. doing something totally irrelevant or being distracted from what you intend to do Last week I was having the time of my life knitting up some fun socks in perfect fall colors found in a skein of Colorful October dyed by Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co for my favorite LYS, Colorful Yarns. REGIA - Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos Sock Yarn. Fern is a lovely Hand-dyed fingering weight yarn from Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. 4 Ply Fingering 85% Superwash Fine Merino / 15% Nylon 437 yards / 100 grams Hand Wash - Lie Flat to dry. Goodnight everyone. $27.00 Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co Fern. Really, I do. My poor Raynaud’s inflicted hands demanded them. Or at the very least, people not in the grips of self-destructive behaviors, mental illness, and bleak futures. All of those things have been happening (but I most admit, most of the great leafy color has fallen to ground at this point), but what I’m talking about is the fabulous knitting colors that appear like magic at this time of year. from Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. Fibers. My cousin, who had just gone to Peru, also sent me alpaca yarn. Sale! I wanted to be able to pull these things up onto my arms while working in the kitchen, but also able to have over my hands while knitting. The pumpkin bread is really nice with that, too. K rounds for another 1.5 inches. Another piece in the Chasing Rabbits line- the beanie!! I am so glad for my new heater and fence, people. Kim Dyes Yarn Flan Fingering. Hedgehog Fibres Sock. Kim Dyes Yarn Florentine Silk . $ 29.99. King of the Hill (1997) - S06E14 Comedy - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Yarn: Quantity: Notes: Add to Cart DK Weight 4 ply 100% SW Deluxe Merino Wool 219 yards/200 meters - 100 grams Hand wash in warm water with wool wash or gentle soap. shawl and the sweaters. She needs to buy stuff for me!!! Feeling really confident on my ability to make the 50 skein goal I went wild and bought that fabulous navy/blue/green yarn from Chasing Rabbits. I’m thinking a big Stephen West marled sweater project is in the future. But wait, there is more! Using a variety of textured stitches gives this cowl lots of fun character while the light-weight wool blend yarn allows for plenty of gorgeous drape. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. from $28.95 $28.95. Vendor: Chasing Rabbits Fiber. 28.0 sts = 4 inches ... About this yarn Solo. Weight Lace ? Ugh. $ 24.00 Primrose Yarn Co. - Homestead Sport. This one's easy enough to be your first knitting project! What am I supposed to do with myself now? What is in the bins, you ask? Late last night I settled on an audiobook to listen to while falling asleep. PRODUCT. 70% Ultra Fine Kid Mohair, 30% SilkWeight: Lace460 yards (420 meters)50 grams (1.75 oz) Hand dyed in Amarillo, Texas. Turn the work again and knit the RS to the start of the round. Perfect plan for now. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co DK Merinolux. I was in the doldrums for sure… between knitting projects, between books, between Netflix shows, between snowstorms… really struggling to get myself restarted. Adjust my directions to fit your needle choice. PRODUCT. One more thing.. how can you tell if your rabbit is pregnant? Adriafil Knitcol / Lazy Girl's Hat. Add … I am knitting in a time of absolutely fabulous Indy dyed yarns that make me happy with every single stitch. Camellia Fiber Co. Canon Hand Dyes. If you want to make yourself a pair too, feel free to check out what I’ve done and cast on a pair for yourself too. Each color is more jaw-dropping than the next. 6. 30% Silk. No doubt about it, spring is here. I’m dreaming of a new project. With just a slight slouch and gorgeous texture it pairs perfectly with jeans and tall boots for a trip to the orchard. Hey, notice any difference between the colors in the arm warmer and the socks? The rabbit isn’t ready for breeding until after 6 months of age. I have some grey yarn with a rainbow strip from Chasing Rabbits that just totally wants to be mitts. We carry mostly natural fibers and lots of hand-dyed yarns, from well-known companies to small independent dyers. I want to make arm warmers that match some of my larger (faded) shawl projects. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Flush with success I blogged about my week Saturday evening. Yarn (29) On Sale! American Dad! If you've been looking for a lovely 100% wool fingering weight yarn that has the durability of … 7028 Southeast 52nd Avenue Portland, OR, 97206 United States. I need arm warmers!! I kind of expected that something like this would happen because… stitch count. I also bought some dark brown and black yarns because… MacKenzie. MadelineTosh. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. from $28.95 $28.95. It's so fun to see the speckles throughout the sock. I’m calling a pause on sociopaths and serial killers, too! From Rabbit To Yarn. Pretty cool, huh. And again. I bet that you were expecting pictures of the fall foliage and some frost on my pumpkins, weren’t you. In the midst of bad news and scary times there is still sunshine, unity, and moments of beauty. $ 26.00 Berroco - Comfort. Yarn. Decrease: K 62 stitches (10 stitches left in the round) K2tog, PM, K1, SSK, K to end. Multi-purpose warmness. I can hardly cope with this lack of attention. Réponse préférée. The yarn and needles went into time out right next to the V-Neck Boxy sweater. $ 45.99. Things are happening in my little indoor garden. I’ve made three pairs so far and I have another pair on the needles. PRODUCT. from $26.50 $26.50. After agonizing over yarn choices, amounts of yarn, and in what combinations I should be using them, I am finally happy with what is coming off of my needles. I love all of this yarn, but it is time to think about reducing the size of the stash. There is also alcoholism, sudden death, suicide, and heart wrenching betrayals, too. Endless socks will be arriving as I knit my way through all of the Chasing Rabbits bin. 2 réponses. Our Fern yarn base will be perfect in your next knitting, crochet, or weaving project. The fabulous colors in the yarn mean that even a simple stockinette item looks great. Brittany. Fern85% Superwash Merino / 15% Nylon100g / 400m / 437yd4 ply Fingering$27, Solo100% Superwash Merino Wool100g / 400m / 437ydSingle ply Fingering$27, Gossamer72% Ultra Fine Kid Mohair / 28% Silk50g / 420m / 460ydLace Weight$29, 75% BRUSHED BABY SURI ALPACA / 25% MULBERRY SILK, Shimmer75% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon / 5% Stelina100g / 400m / 437yd4 ply Fingering$28, 100% SuperwashNew Zealand Polwarth Wool100g / 400m / 437 yd$27, 100% SuperwashNew Zealand Polwarth Wool100g / 225m / 246 yd$27, BFL Fingering100 % Superwash British Blue Faced Leicester Wool100g / 400m / 437yd4 ply fingering$28, BFL DK100% SuperwashBlue Faced Leicester wool100g / 233m / 255yd4 ply DK$28, Merinolux DK100% Superwash Deluxe Merino Wool100g / 200m / 219yd4 ply DK$27, Merinolux Aran100% Superwash Deluxe Merino Wool100g / 166m / 182yd4 ply Aran$27. Fern is a lovely Hand-dyed fingering weight yarn from Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. 4 Ply Fingering 85% Superwash Fine Merino / 15% Nylon 437 yards / 100 grams Hand Wash - Lie Flat to dry. I didn’t want to eat my cereal dry so I went hunting in the pantry and found… a can of pumpkin in the back. $ 30.00 $ 22.50 Sale. One soft yarn, one tough. As you can see, I have many things to be thankful for. Softy and squishy this beautiful sock yarn is dyed in Amarillo, TX! The part of the warmer that will show while I’m wearing it under a sleeved top will exactly match my socks, so I’m happy with the look. $ 11.19 Regular price $ 13.99. Sort by. Little Grey Sheep Hampshire 4 ply Mini $ 10.75 $ 8.06 Select options; Sale! Quantity. $13.75 USD. I was expecting to see a golden eagle, but I kind of think that this is a great horned owl because it’s standing straight up and then there are those ears…. Seriously, I’m a walking knitwear advertisement in cold weather. Let’s do some quickly rewarding socks, I told MacKenzie. thankss.. Répondre Enregistrer. I went grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago and saw a large bird arriving at a nest in the top of a tree a couple of blocks from my house. TLE Yarn Shop Yarn Spun Right Round Classic Sock Chasing Rabbits This speckled fingering weight yarn is a wonderful choice for socks specifically. Related Items. Each of these sets contains 5 20g mini skeins of Fern. $ 24.00 The Fiber Co. - Luma. $45.00. Would you believe that the Mother of Cats put another layer of towels on top of the sweater so I couldn’t got to the wet wool? So here there are. I just can’t let any of those scraps go… What if I need to repair a project from 10 years ago or knit a new finger onto a pair of loved, but damaged, gloves (true story!)? Solo is a single ply fingering weight 100% Superwash Merino base. Chasing Rabbits SW Merino Wool Think of Happiest Things. ), and even the stash has become organized. (68 stitches) I’m now below the V-neck and knitting like crazy on the body. $20.00 Enter your email address below to stay up to date on the latest knitting and quilting classes, new yarn and fabric shipments, spectacular patterns, and more. 12. Add/subtract stitches to fit your own arm or needs. It’s a plan. Frasier (1993) - S01E05 Romance - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Anyway, never mind the jade plants… look at what happened with the orchids! The Chasing Rabbits Cowl is the perfect way to add some color to your fall and winter wardrobe. Yarn: Fingering or sock yarn. All week I’ve been getting ready for the holiday tomorrow. This one, which is about a life-long pairing between a cello and a gifted magician, seemed intriguing: there is a curse, a love interest, loss, grief, redemption and recovery. Not too bulky so that I would be able to wear the arm warmers/mitts under sweaters. The balls slowly shrank as I knitted on and on and on in garter stitch broken every now and then with lace. I spent way too much time wandering around on the internet looking at books and yarn. $ 35.99. You know that I had to buy another skein of this yarn. 4. A skein is a skein. Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co. from $28.95 $28.95. Perfect for end of the day sock knitting. I even found a new show to bingewatch (Counterpart on Amazon Prime). I need to do some internet searches to see if I can propagate new orchids from those roots… I look at this plant and wonder if I should stop feeding it orchid food. Maybe there will be some ribbing around it? I have been making really good progress on the yarn destash project, and by the end of September I had used up or removed 49 skeins from the stash. $ 5.60 Sale. (64 stitches) Mini Skeins. It is cold and snowy here today, but hopefully I will be able to get a picture of the finished sweater in the next day or two.

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